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A WordPress plugin for Structured Data automation

Make Your Search Results look awesome

With a proper structured data on all of your website pages, you can dramatically increase Your Website Traffic.

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Automate schema markup without writing a single line of code

Articles / News Schema

Make your articles more Google-friendly by Adding the appropriate metadata to your posts. uSchema fully automates the addition of article type schema for all of your existing and new posts. With proper article schema, you can appear as a rich card on the search results page and outperform your competitors.

without schema

with uSchema

articles with labels

Product Schema

uSchema supports the product schema which can be added to a post or page that has a product. You can add any product attribute like the name, description, Image, SKU, Currency, inventory, and other details which can appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

uSchema can extend your WooCommerce products structured data. It will make it very easy and simple to add detailed schema information to your e-commerce store in an automated manner.

without schema

with uSchema

Product with labels

Recipe Schema

Make your recipes eligible for rich results (better appearance in Google as shown below). uSchema can add simple and advance structured data to your recipes. If you are using a CPT or a recipe plugin and have linkable content in your database, you can automate recipes schema markup within minutes. uSchema shall add recipe schema markup to all of your existing recipes. 

without schema

with uSchema

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Job Posting Schema

You can add proper job posting schema markup to your job posts using uSchema. This can help search engines get important meta data for your job postings including, Job Title, Job Type, Job posted date, Base salary and all of the properties in

without schema

with uSchema

job with labels

Event Schema

Turn your boring events listings into more converting magnets in SERP. With uSchema, you can easily automate schema markup addition for your events.Once linked, it will automatically grab meta data of your events and add it to your page in JSON format as recommended by Google. This will boost your chances to appear as rich card in Google Search results.

without schema

with uSchema

Event with labels

Books Schema

Let Search Engines get proper meta infomration of your books. You can add the Book Schema markup to your existing or new books so that search engines may know the details about your Book like the Book Title, Author, No of Pages, Edition, Publisher and anything that can offer.

without schema

with uSchema

Books Google Search with arrows

How To Schema

If you have a step by step process to complete a task on your web page, search engines should understand it. Add the “How-To” schema markup to your content with uSchema. This will increase the likelihood of your solution steps showing popping up in search result as shown below.

without schema

with uSchema

Howto with labels

Local Business Schema

Dominate Your competition by adding a proper schema markup for your business. Let your visitors quickly get the most important information about your business (like address, opening hours, rating, contact info) right from the search results page.You can add all of the Schema Properties for Local Business documented on

without schema

with uSchema

local business schema

Technical Features

A strong backend

800+ Schema Types Supported

uSchema gives you the ability to add all 800+ Schema types, supported by Weather you want to add a simple schema type like a product, book, article etc or you need advance schema type like a Medical Condition, Offer, Action, Tv Series episode; uSchema can help you.

Automates Structured Data Markup

Only some configurations and your schema is all setup. You don’t need to hire a professional for this task. You can do it yourself. A few clicks here, some config there and you are done. uSchema will keep adding schema to all your existing posts and new posts automatically.

Json LD Format

Schema is added using JSON-LD as recommended by Google. JSON-LD is embedded in the footer of your website to ensure page speed. JSON-LD syntax is checked can complaint with Google and Bing structured data testing tools.

Optimized for Speed (no 3rd party Ajax calls)

uSchema is highly optimised towards the speed of your website on the front-end and back-end with as little clutter as possible. We have made sure not to include external requests unlike many schema plugins. All schema types are included inside the plugin so it does not have to always connect any external resources to get information.

Can be configured for any Post Type

uSchema supports every post type ever existed in wordpress. No matter how it was created. Weather some plugin add it, or it was initiated by some theme. uSchema got that covered. You can configure schema with this post. If that post have custom fields using wordpress standard way, uSchema can use that too.

Option to add Custom Fields

uSchema allows you to add custom fields for schema properties. And later on you can show these fields on the front-end of your website. This one option saves you a lot of trouble of installing separate plugins for posts with extra information. You can convert your normal post to anything you want. All your additional information is added to schema and front end.

User's Response
for uSchema Plugin

Forget the top 10 shema plugins, i spend more than $150 before finding this amazing plugin for you website schema. -- We are a factcheck website with a special need to have a well built plugin and with this plugin you can follow the directions of Google, that means that probably you not need include all schema features, you need only some schema elements to maintain clean you schema code and get positive test result, this plugins was the only from the top 10 that give me that positive test result ( include preview on gogle schema tools)... if you can not get a preview, then you schema is not good.

Thanks Mr developer.


1 .Easy to use, some pre-set schemas are use-case, just fill-in-the-blank and then publish it.

2. Expandable, you can add any schema and property value you like. Be careful, some plugin(s) are expensive, but no way to add schema and property values yourself.

3. Flexible, some schemas have share properties(such as aggregateRating), you just create one rating property, and then include(link) in other need to create the same property in all schemas.

4. Price performance ratio is extremely high

5. No plugin is perfect, but the author of uschema is willing to listen and improve

Uschema is doing very well. Keep it up!

Great program with great support. Very nice people to work with.

This plugin has done exactly what I was wanting it to do. I had a few questions about how to implement the schema on my site and the developer made me a private video just for my case.

Top plugin and even better customer support 🙂


This plugin is a complete solution if you want to implement a schema on your WordPress website.

800+ schema types supported and customer support is two thumbs up.

Mr. Rao is generous and open to suggestions for improvement. I wish him well with sales, and I hope he continues to work like this on the plugin.

All the very best. Thanks for your awesome support.


How to Add Simple Articles Schema to all of your Blog posts

Without any coding