AS Frequently Asked Questions

My website is ecommerce selling 1000+ sku - I am happy to use slim seo, what improvement can your tool bring to me?

We have not tested Slim Seo plugin but from its website, it appears that Slim Seo only supports a few schema types and there are not many customization options.
With uSchema plugin you can add all 800+ schema types.
I couldn't find product schema in the supported Schema types on Slim SEO For your products schema, you may add any or all schema properties documented on This way you can add all of the information you have about your products into the schema so search engines may get all of that infomation. Product Name, images, sku, reviews, price, currency, manufacturer name, mpn and model are some of the properties.

Is the solution already running on PHP 8.1?

We have not officially tested all of the features of the plugin with PHP 8.1 yet but there shouldn't be any issues.
We shall test it after the holidays.
If you find any issues, please confirm at [email protected]

What is this: Author Purchase Code What should I enter in this field?
How do I enter the license, since the field is inactive.

You may enter your license key in the Author purchase code field
Then click Activate.
If it gives any type of error, please contact at with the [email protected] email id you have used to activate your product.

Could the license data be hidden after typing?

Not at the moment,
but we have had this feature request before as well, so we might be rolling out this in future updates.

Is the panel available in other languages? What languages? Are you planning to translate into other panel languages?
Will I be able to translate the panel myself?

The plugin comes with a .pot file, so you can translate the plugin panel in your language.
We do not plan to ship the language translations in the plugin as we do not have any in-house translators.
If you or anyone from the community translates the plugin and provides the .po / .mo files, we can include it in the coming versions.

Maybe some people interested in translations will appear over time. Is it possible to translate the initial setup wizard into other languages to begin with.

Any all the strings appearing in the admin section are translate-able. You may choose to selectively translate the strings that you need in other language.

Just bought a code, will this work with an online directory.

If by "online directory", you mean a directory of LocalBusiness Schema, the answer is Yes. you can create LocalBusiness schema with all the available properties for your business directory.

I bought your $99 dollar deal but in the dashboard it is showing the $59 dollar deal, i have sent you an email but had no reply

There is bug in the order amount showing in your dashboard. Even if you have subscribed to the Tier 2 plan, the "My Account" dashboard shows the amount as $59 instead of showing the correct amount of $99.
This is only related to the amount shown in your dashboard, everything else is according to your selected tier.
We are sorry for this confusion and it this amount issue should be resolved soon.
Currently with holidays going on, we cannot provide the exact date of resolving this bug.
You may verify your allowed domains by going to "Licenses" tab in "My Account" It should be showing the correct allowed unlimited domains for Tier 2.
Here is the link to Licenses tab:

Hello, there! I have purchased your deal, but am wondering about compatibility with Squirrly SEO, which also generates schemas.
Do you know of any existing conflicts or overlapping features?

Thanks for purchasing the uSchem plugin. No conflict has been reported with the Squirrly SEO plugin. You can use uSchema and Squirly SEO together.

I really liked your product.I am using ghost cms! How works in ghost cms !!

uSchema is a WordPress-only solution.

do you have a helpful video for beginners on how to use your tool - beginners step by step kind of thing?

For basic settings walkthrough and functionality, please check the video :
We also have a youtube channel for different tutorials here:

Are the Schema generated under local machine or it required to connect to uSchema server in order to generate them? I had purchased other plugins for this purpose but sadly they generated Schema under 3rd party server which make me feel uncomfortable to use.

The plugin generates the Schema locally. It doesn't require connecting to any uSchema server to create schema properties.
It is highly optimized towards the speed of your website on the front-end and back-end with no clutter. There is no 3rd party Ajax call to uSchema server or any other server.

Obviously, not everyone would need all the 800 schemas. But considering all the experience you have working with different types of sites, can you please let me know how uschema can be more beneficial than say RankMath Pro for a content blog (news, how-to, guides etc.)? I have RankMath Pro (which has support for some schemas) and wondering if I should add another plugin to my content site.

RankMath does offer Schema Markup option but it's limited to only a few Schema types while the uSchema gives you much more control and you can add all 800+ schema markups using the uSchema.
You can also add all of the Schema Properties for any Schema Type mentioned on so you are not bound to use only a few properties of a any schema.
RankMath just provide a few properties of Article schema while with uSchema, you can add all of the approved properties from For NewsArticle schema, you can add properties like Author, editor, Contributor, audience, copyrightYear, isBasedOn, isFamilyFriendly and the list goes on.
You can link the existing Meta of your Posts/ Pages/ CPTs. If you do not have a custom field of your required data, you can easily create custom fields with uSchema by just selecting the option from the dropdown.
You can even reuse your created Advance schema item and link it with another Advance Schema item. For example, if you have created a Person Schema. You can reuse this Person Schema as an Author of your Local Business Schema by just linking it. You can even use the node identifier for advance schema linking. Similarly you can use a Person Schema as an Editor or a News or as an Author or a News.
Once you set up those rules, its all automated. All of your existing and future posts shall have the schema markup. You can create multiple versions of a specific Schema type and use different versions on different pages/ posts of your website. For example if you have multiple offices then you can add individual LocalBusiness Schema on your different offices pages.