Ultimate Rich Data Schema For WordPress

Take SEO of your website to the next level by adding schema to every post.


uSchema demos

Some schema added posts and pages to provide you with ideas about the scope of this plugin

Page Schema

uSchema can add any type of schema to any page. below are some examples. There is button on each to check schema. You can check it with Google.

Elementor Page Schema

With elementor covering your front end design aesthetics, uSchema is best addition to look beautiful in search engine. These two great plugins go very well together.

With help of uSchema you can add any type of schema to a page plus you configure page data dynamically using Elementor dynamic function.

Below are some examples. Different types of schema added to the pages and there is not need to write data again and again. your can map data directly on the page.

Woocommerce Product Schema

Post Schema

Language Examples