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Local Business
  • Business Name Local Business Schema
  • url https://boospot.com/
  • telephone 0123456789
  • Opening Hours
  • opens 09:00
  • Closes 21:00
  • Day Of Week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Area Served Global, UK, USA
  • Rating
  • Rating Value 4.9
  • Awards Business of the year., Climate Friendly Organization
  • Address
  • Street address 33 lalazar
  • City Lahore
  • Region Punjab
  • Country PK
  • postalCode 45780
  • Founder Mr uSchema Bot
  • Founder Title CEO
  • Founder Description uSchema Bot is founding member. he is a fun CEO
  • Image https://uschema.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Local-Business-1.png
  • Price Range $400-15000
  • Currencies Accepted USD, GBP, AUD, BTC
  • Payment Method Cash, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, Local Exchange Tradings System
  • https://facebook.com
  • https://google.com
  • https://instagram.com

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This is a page that also has the schema of a Local Business.

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Existing data such as featured image, page name and other mata data was linked with Local Business Schema properties.

Link Existing Schema Item

“Rating” Schema Item was created separately and it is used in place of Business Rating. No need to create all rating properties for each schema item where rating is required.

Custom Fields

Custom fields were created using uSchema for Local Business properties like url, telephone, streetAddress, dayOfWeek etc.

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Selective custom fields are also displayed using uSchema plugin. You can controll front-end visibility of each property. (Settings : Front end visibility)

A simple shortcode is used to display custom fields in this page.

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You can also use action/filter hooks to show field.

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