Recipe Schema added on this page

  • Name Recipe Schema
  • Chef uSchema Robot
  • Description This is my perfect Robotic Recipe for humans.
    Time mentioned is only for the value. it is limited to your input speed.
    it is just sample data.
  • Cook Time 00:01
  • Prep Time 00:01
  • Total Time 00:02
  • Recipe Yield full web house schema
  • Recipe Category schema, automation
  • Recipe Cuisine Alien
  • Ingredients WordPress Website,
    Content on Website,
    uSchema Plugin,
    uSchema Documentation
  • Instructions Build a website.,
    Create whatever content you like.,
    Purchase uSchema plugin.,
    Install the plugin.,
    Create Schema item.,
    Add Schema item to your post.,
    Check it with google structured data.,
  • calories -2g
  • fatContent -3g
  • saturatedFatContent -5g
  • Rating 4.9
  • keywords Schema Recipe, JSON, SEO, Structured Data
  • Date Published 27 Nov, 2019
  • Video Name Robot can fight back
  • Video URL

About This Page


This is a page that also has the schema of a Recipe .

Link Existing

Existing data such as featured image, page name and other mata data was linked with Recipe Schema properties.

Custom Fields

Custom fields were created using uSchema for Recipe properties like author, cookTime, recipeYield, recipeCuisine, etc .

Fields Display

Selective custom fields are also displayed using uSchema plugin. You can controll front-end visibility of each property. (Settings : Front end visibility)

A simple shortcode is used to display custom fields in this page.

Shortcode Guide

You can also use action/filter hooks to show field.

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