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Post Type

This is the next tab after Site Wide tab.

In this tab you will have option to select separate schema item for each different posts pages and custom post types.


All you custom posts will be available in the tab.

Let’s start adding schema item to “post”

Once you click Post tab (or any post tab). You will get some set of options.


Let’s try to understand every option on by one.

Default schema item

This drop box will allow you to select default schema item for the post type. If you select a default schema for a post type, this type will be shown on all the post in this post type.

i.e if I selected My Book for “Posts”. Now all my Posts will carry the schema item My book.

Activate Additional Schema items

This setting is really helpful when you want to show additional schema items in same post type.

For example you want to make My Book default for all the posts but occasionally you want to be able to select some additional items other than My Book.

These additional items will be available for you to select per single post. Remember these items are only there for you to select and these are not show in Schema until you select one of these.

In my example I have selected My Book as default but I have selected My Article and My Movie in activate additional schema items.

Now if I go to a single post and scroll down to Schema Information My Book schema item is selected by default but if I click drop down “Select Schema item” the additional types are there for selection.

One thing that you will notice, all schema values where we chose “Create Field” in Link Existing are visible here for input.

Let Me Decide for each post

This setting will allow you to select schema item for each post. Using this option you can select multiple schema items per single post.


With this option on default schema item will be selected by default but you can select multiple items on every post.

Frontend Visibility Settings

Activate Frontend Visibility: This option helps you for showing your schema item fields on frontend. You can define hook type and type the Hook name. Schema fields will be shown on the front. Additionally you have the ability to use a shortcode. In this case you will have to use uSchema_display_fields_shortcode in place to Hook name. After that you can use this short code [uSchema_display_fields_shortcode] anywhere in your post to show your schema fields.

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