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Special Settings Tab

This tab has different settings. Let’s try to make sense of all these settings one by one.

Wrap schema in graph

This setting is not very visible in your website or Google structured data. But this is more related to JSON-LD embed in the webpage. You can select to embed all schema JSON setting on one graph.

Use property id as label if empty

This setting is related to Schema Item. When you create a schema item you get option to type label for each field you configure. By switching this option on every field will have a default label already set to schema property id. You can either leave it as it is. Or you can override by typing your own label.

Date Format

You can use any date format to be shown on the front end. i.e. yy-mm-dd

Term Separator

This setting applies to the terms when you want to show them to frontend using uSchema.

Archive Schema Style

There are two options in this setting.

Fetch from Post: using this option will fetch schema of all the items from the single page.

Wrap in Item list: this opting will wrap all archive items in one item list.

Cache Schema

 This setting allows you to cache all the schema that was generated. Using this option helps with page speed and makes fewer database queries on every page load. You can switch this option off when you are configuring the plugin. As you may want to test schema multiple times, but the result will remain the same if cache is on.

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