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Advance Schema: Quick Start

This quick starter page is for the folks who already know about how schema works and have already used some schema plugins like Schema Pro and SNIP. (We are sure you are going to appreciate what we have to offer in comparison to Schema Pro and SNIP)

If you don’t have knowledge about how schema works, we highly recommend you to jump to our “ Understanding Schema and Introduction” section.

If you know about how schema works but you haven’t used any schema plugin before. Jump to our “uSchema Setup” section and start reading. It is not that difficult.

After installing the plugin you will have one extra menu option in WordPress admin.

  • Schema Items: In the main menu on the left bar.
    • uSchema Settings: under the Schema Items tab.

There is complete instruction about everything on “uSchema Setup Section”. We highly recommend watching these instructions. For quick start you can continue reading.


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