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Schema configuration on posts / pages

If you have successfully created a schema item and have selected the condition for where to show this schema item you will see schema options under the desired pages and posts in the editor window.

Let’s say you have created Article type schema and selected it to be shown in the posts. When you edit a post you will see schema dialogue under the content of the post.

schema dialogue on single post edit page

This dialogue allows you to fill in the information or override already configured information.

For example, previously we have linked Article title with the title of the post, but here we can define a separate title to be shown in schema.

Furthermore, this dialogue will allow you to fill in the information for fields that were not linked anywhere and were selected to “Create New Custom Field”.

For example, we did not link author schema property instead we selected “Create New Custom Field” for the author. Now on the post edit page, we can define any value for the author. It could be a text or it still can be linked to anything in this post.

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