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Setup Wizard

Starting the Setup Wizard

When you Activate the plugin after installation, the Setup Wizard starts automatically. If you want to manually run the setup wizard, you can go the ” Schema Items > Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard Greetings

The Setup Wizard shall help you automate Structured data for your Organization, About Page, Contact Page, Site Navigation, Posts and Pages. We recommend going through this wizard. You may skip this wizard if you plan to use Advanced Schema Items.

Global Options

Select a Menu for Site Navigation. Select your About us page for About page schema and select the contact us page for Contact page schema.

Site Entity Schema

If your website is about a Person like for influencing personality then you can select “Person” in the Schema type. Otherwise, please select Organization. You can also choose sub-type of your organization like Corporate, NGO, Sports, Workers Union etc. This schema shall be added to all of the pages on your website.

Posts and Pages Schema

Select the type of schema that you want to add to all of your Posts. The most famous type for blog posts is Article Schema type. Similarly, you can add a famous schema type for your pages.

Help and Support

If you need any help, you can go to the relevant topic for this page.

Final Steps

The setup wizard completes here. We recommend activating the license for your product. Otherwise, you may get Non-Legitimate product notification emails. Non-activated licence domains do not get plugin updates.

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