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Introduction to Simple Schema items

uSchema is a robust plugin that allows you to add any type of schema to your WordPress website. This is the only plugin that gives you the ability to add all schema items listed on schema.org. As this is an advanced solution for adding schema there are a plethora of options to overwhelm the user who wants to add a common schema item to the website.

To make this plugin easier to understand and allow quick and easy addition of schema, we have integrated a new feature called “Simple Schema Item”.

Simple schema item contains some easy to configure common schema items, ie, Product, Book, Article, Course, Event, LocalBusiness, Person, Service, SoftwareApplication, FAQPage, HowTo, Episode, Movie, Place.

We have pre-configured these schema items and simplified the user interface with commonly related schema properties.
In the following section of the document, we will explain how to use this Simple Schema Item and add it to the website.

Simple schema items

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