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Documentation Section of the website aims to help understand what uSchema is and how it works. It will help you get started with adding rich snippets to your WordPress website and help improve your SEO ranking with Google.

We (uSchema developer team) aim to make this plugin as easy as possible, and for that purpose we continue editing this documentation to make it near perfect.

We strongly encourage you to provide feedback for the plugin and documentation as well so that so that the new user and understand and get on the track right away.

What is uSchema

In this time of era search engines work hard to understand content on webpages and deliver to user what he is actually trying to find. This is how the search results are getting more relevant day by day. But understanding a webpage is not a really simple task. Search engine can’t just see a page and decide what it is about. This is where the schema.org comes in. This project was started in 2011 by Bing, Google Yahoo and Yandex. Purpose of this project was to create some common set of markups for web pages so that the search engine can understand a page batter.

Now problem for a website owner or web-developer is, you can’t just say this page is a product and search engine recognizes it. It has to be specific format provided by schema.org. It has to be following the same guideline defined by schema.org.

To be honest that is not very easy. Even developers struggle with implementing schema in a simple webpage, let alone a dynamic website like WordPress.

Here uSchema steps in to help both the developer and the website owner.

uSchema is simple yet powerful plugin to help WordPress users and developers to integrate advanced metadata and structured data to their website easily.

uSchema is helpful with creating custom fields and micro data without writing a single line of code.

You can also show custom fields on front end of your website without going through advanced coding and functions file editing, all with included benefits of schema and Json LD.

uSchema also includes schema.org and Google structured data guide in the back-end of the plugin to help you understand each and every step and option easily.

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