Frequently Asked Questions

What Schema types I can add with uSchema?

You can add 800+ schema types, documented on , with the uSchema plugin. The pending schema properties shown in Blue color cannot be added as those are proposed for integration into but not yet implemented.

Do I need coding skills to use the uSchema Plugin?

No, You can automate schema markup on your website without any coding skills.

What do you mean by Schema Automation?

In a classic way, schema data is hardcoded for each page of your website. This means, if you change the content of the page after that (for example Price. title. author of a book), your schema doesn't update according to page content. We Do Not hard code structured data for your web pages. Instead, we bind your post meta like title, featured image, CPT taxonomies, and custom fields with appropriate schema properties. So in this way, if you change the content of your post/ page, the structured data automatically updates itself.
Additionally, the real power of automation comes into action when you create a new post or page. The structured data for the new page/ post is automatically added to the page according to the rules you have set.

What is the easiest way to set up the uSchema plugin?

Install and Activate the uSchema plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. The setup wizard shall automatically start. Answer the questions in the wizard and your done.

How can I test my website Structured Data/ Schema Markup?

You may use validator tool or Google Structured Data Testing Tool to check structured data on your web OrGoogle's Rich Results Test

What are Simple and Advances schema items?

The simple schema items are very easy to set up. You can choose from the famous 15 schema types and automate the schema markup within minutes.
The Advanced Schema items are for the users who know about the structured data. This can be used to automate any Schema type and add multi-level schema properties. You can also reuse your schema items for other schema items and add schema on Archive & Taxonomy pages.

Do I need to activate the uSchema License to use this plugin?

We highly recommend you activate your uSchema plugin with a legitimate license key. Without activation, you shall not get any plugin updates. In future updates, we plan to add strict measures for the non-activated uSchema plugin copies.

What PHP version is required for uSchema plugin?

We recommend using the latest PHP version. The uSchema plugin works well with PHP 7.3+
We intend to support only officially supported php versions :

What type of support you can provide?

You can rely on the uSchema support team for uSchema License activation, possible plugin conflict, installation, activation & configuration.

Can you add schema markup on my site?

If you want to hire a uSchema expert to install and setup the uSchema plugin for you then please check our hire expert page here :

How can I send you my login credentials?

You can send your login credentials by replying to the welcome email you shall receive after checkout. Alternatively, you can share your login credentials through the password management and sharing app, LastPass or BitWarden.

Can I add a Property that is pending on

No, you cannot add a property that is Pending on itself (normally shown in Blue color). That’s the beauty of the uSchema plugin that it doesn't let you add a property that doesn't exist.

What are your future plans?

We have a public roadmap here You may check it to see what tasks are in progress and what tasks are planned. You may also send your features requests to [email protected]

I am not seeing any Schema options in the Advanced Schema dropdown.

Go to Settings > Tools and Clear the cache of plugin to check if the issue is resolved.