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SEO Ranking

Search engines nowadays don’t just search for words, now they search for content type that is required by the user. Schema is the way to tell the search engines about the content on your website. With the help of schema markup search engines know what you have on your website and deliver to the user accordingly.

Automatic Schema for existing content, no need to change existing posts / products / events

uSchema is really diverse plugin with respect of how you want to implement the schema. You don’t need to change your existing plugins and themes.

Site-wide Schema for ranking climb

uSchema helps you add site-wide schema for your main site identity. this helps you get your website recognized in search results. You can easily add schema for:

    1. Organization
    2. Website
    3. Person
    4. Contact point

uSchema provides you even more options to configure.

Configure and forget

With uSchema you will not have to worry about your schema settings again and again to ensure if it is working. Your need to configure it once and you are done for the rest of your website’s life.

Woocommerce compatible

uSchema is fully compatible with woocommerce products and archives. You have the ability to add additional schema types for products like books and vehicle.

Multiple schema types

This plugin can configure multiple schema types for any CPT i.e

    1. Add additional schema of book product to your product.
    2. Add recipe schema to your post in addition to article.

Archive Schema

With the help of uSchema you can create the schema of archive page. You also have the ability to add archives items to a single items list. And you can fetch all schema information from all posts and show it to the archive page.

Taxonomy level schema

uSchema can configure single taxonomy page as well as it can show taxonomies as schama property. i.e you can configure Category of a post to shown as Recipe cousine.

Frontend display of fields

uSchema is not just for adding schema to your posts. You can show properties to the front-end of your website if those were not already shown. This way you can make sure that your schema says what your have in your HTML. It helps make sure that you follow Google guidelines about implementing schema.

Graph schema ability

Graph schema helps you with connect schema items with another. With ability of graph schema you can connect your website identity with products, pages and posts.


Ability to define base trail for breadcrumbs, you can change trails to be based on categories or it can be post tags.

Display properties using action hooks, filter hooks and shortcode

uSchema has advanced settings for front-end display of property fields. You can use hooks to display fields, hooks can be action hook or filter hook. Additionally you can use a shortcode to display fields on the front-end of your website. This approach is compatible with any post type and theme.

About-us page SEO Schema

You can add about us page in schema so that the search engines can show your company’s information right in the search results page.

Search box Schema

Search box helps you to display search query URL to the search engines. This way the search engines can show a search box for your website in the search results page.

Site-Wide identity schema with easy config

uSchema has additional settings to add site-wide schema easily. You can add most common types of site-wide schemas easily.

Site navigation schema to show quick links search results

Site navigation schema helps you select your website navigation menu. It helps search engines to show your site navigation right under the search results of your website. This makes your appearance search results more appealing and helps your CTR.

Contact page rich data for search engines

Contact page schema helps Google and other search engines how to contact your website or your company.

Builtin cache system for speedy page load

uSchema has built in cache system that builds schema file for the pages and posts, and keeps it cached to reduce requests. It helps with the page load time.

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