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Frequently Asked Questions

Install and Activate the uSchema plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. The setup wizard shall automatically start. Answer the questions in the wizard and your done.Additionally, the real power of automation comes into action when you create a new post or page. The structured data for the new page/ post is automatically added to the page according to the rules you have set.

You can add 800+ schema types, documented on schema.org , with the uSchema plugin. The pending schema properties shown in Blue color cannot be added as those are proposed for integration into Schema.org but not yet implemented.
No, You can automate schema markup on your website without any coding skills.

In a classic way, schema data is hardcoded for each page of your website. This means, if you change the content of the page after that (for example Price. title. author of a book), your schema doesn’t update according to page content. We Do Not hard code structured data for your web pages. Instead, we bind your post meta like title, featured image, CPT taxonomies, and custom fields with appropriate schema properties. So in this way, if you change the content of your post/ page, the structured data automatically updates itself.
Additionally, the real power of automation comes into action when you create a new post or page. The structured data for the new page/ post is automatically added to the page according to the rules you have set.

Pay 30% of your current package and get more support for six months or more.

User's Response
for uSchema Plugin(AppSumo)

Under Rated Hidden Gem

It can give a serious level of flexibility on creating any type of schema combinations. I felt sorry for the bunch who still hand-code schemas in 2022.

Now, on the actual product can seem handful or complex. But that is the part of the process. Because, you can pretty much use any of the data variables available for WordPress. Which includes all CPT field types.

I tested this with Metabox, ACF and CPT builder and able to build schema for all of their data fields.

After 2 whole month of using, I upgraded to the unlimited version. This is something you will use in the long-run.

Thoroughly Facinating and Exactly What was lacking since long!

I am very much thankful to Rao for bringing such amazing plugin.

I feel this deal is much under rated and the sumoling community haven't came to know what this hidden gem this tool is.

I used this schema generator for a couple of projects and really like it. It has very high flexibility, advanced schema building that you can do with a few clicks. I also like the nested schema. It helped me to create complex schema with only a few clicks.

It is very simple to use, even for the beginner. It's a flexible tool for constructing schemas. It generates a lot of code for you. It's a real time saver!

Can't wait to see more coming! @Rao : May you share Roadmap?

Is simple, if you have WP GET IT!

I tried any WP SEO tool to manage schema, but this tool is the best.

If you guys have any minimal knowledge of SEO, you can figure out that you MUST have this tool. Super easy to use. Thanks for the great tool!

Truly Advanced Schema Builder & SIMPLE TO USE!!!

Really really useful.

This truly is an advanced schema builder that's extremely flexible. It's really got the most simple architecture in all the schema plugins I've used to date.

I've used a much that were developed by SEO gurus and they seriously all suck compared to uSchema.

Bascially, they've made it very easy and simple to "reference" or "create child" schemas. So when you build your schemas on various pages you can reference them to other schemas.

You can nest schemas within schemas and this drives the ole google bot nuts over your pages!

For instance say you have a service category that relates to another service category you can link or reference them together etc..

Another plus is the automation aspect I run a lot of blogs, news and media sites with auto blogging etc.. Usually the autoblogging plugin produces very simple schemas. Like the bare basics.

USchmea straight off the bat pulls in way more data into the schema automatically + on top of that you can start to build advanced schemas easliy for your key pages to POP.

The guys are very helpful too and really you can see they put a lot of thought into this..