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Does your WordPress website need help with Schema and Sctructured data?

You have found the right plugin.

uSchema is simple yet powerful plugin to help WordPress users and developers to integrate advanced metadata and structured data to their website easily.

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Websites using uSchema report higher Click Through rates.

Adding schema is not easy task, there are some plugin out there that let you add schema but you have to add schema to every post manually. uSchema is totally different story in this regards. Configure it once and forget.
Automate structured data markup

Automate structured data markup

Only some configurations and your schema is all setup. You don’t need to hire a professional for this task. You can do it yourself. A few clicks here, Some config there and you are done. uSchema will keep adding schema to all your existing pasts and new posts automatically.

Documentation and Help

uSchema has extensive schema documentation to help you getting started. Documentation is continually improving. Our documentation can help you no matter the skill level. There is section if you already know so much about schema and you will feel at home if you don’t know anything about how schema works.
Documentation and Help

Increase in CTR

uSchema helps you look better on search engines. You have the possibility to show your site navigation in search results. You also get the changes to show your website search box in Google search results page. Users are more likely to click your website when your appear on Google with more information. uSchema helps you show your content right in Google search pages. This makes your website more sexier than it already is.
Increase in CTR
All Post Types

All Post Types

uSchema supports every post type ever existed in wordpress. No matter how it was created. Weather some plugin add it, or it was initiated by some theme. uSchema got that covered. You can configure schema with this post. If that post have custom fields using wordpress standard way, uSchema can use that too.

Add Custom fields (Fields for properties)

uSchema allows you to add custom fields for schema properties. And later on you can show these fields on the front-end of your website. This one option saves you a lot of trouble of installing separate plugins for posts with extra information. You can convert your normal post to anything you want. All your additional information is added to schema and front end.
Add Custom fields


Schema is added using JSON-LD as recommended by Google. JSON-LD is embedded in the footer of your website to ensure page speed. JSON-LD syntax is checked can complaint with Google and Bing structured data testing tools.
Highly Optimised

Highly Optimised

uSchema is highly optimised towards the speed of your website on the front-end and back-end with as little clutter as possible. We have made sure not to include external requests unlike many schema plugins in the market do. All schema types are included in plugins so the plugins does not have to always connect any external resources to get information. But don’t let it confuse you, plugins only uses the file it needed hance improving plugin backend speed without too much processing.

For the front end plugin includes all schemas in one JSON-LD. So you don’t have extra HTTP requests. No matter how many schemas you have per page. All are included in one file.

Highly Optimised

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Contact info schema
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Make Your Content Search Engine Friendly

In this time of era search engines work hard to understand content on webpages and deliver to user what he is actually trying to find. This is how the search results are getting more relevant day by day. But understanding a webpage is not a really simple task. Search engine can’t just see a page and decide what it is about. 

To help search engines understand a page, there are markup guide lines, that are to be used in the coding.

uSchema is a simple yet powerful plugin that helps you add markup schema without writing a single line of code.

Add uSchema to your website now.